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Josh specializes in a proactive offensive approach in securing company assets within the different technology stacks. Currently, I’m focused on building a team of like-minded individuals within the southeast asia pacific region. My interest lies in developing custom C2 tools, researching latest offensive techniques and correlating the effectiveness of the defenses against such TTP

My Portfolio

Advanced Adversary Stimulation

AAS is the flagship of my portfolio, stimulating an advanced-level attacker would in a real-life situation. Using popular OSINT tools to map out the attack surface of the company to give the initial access either via careless employee clicking on crafted payload or perhaps some common CVEs you forget to patch. The rules are simple, I am only interested in gaining access to your guarded network.

Offensive Security

Providing core offensive security services such as web penetration testing and source code review, I will help you to secure your API endpoints, front/back end web server deployment, and give your more time to focus on the development of the business than worrying about security.

Vulnerbility Management

With the overwhelming number of N-days to patch, most IT enterprises are finding it hard to keep up with the patching cycle faster than the researcher. The solution focuses on building up your scanning capabilities with industry-standard scanners such as Qualys or Tenable, but I don't stop there. Leaning on the decade-old VM experiences, I will provide you the solution to prioritize what needs to be fixed now... through combined usage of quick API solution and expert know-how.

My skills

Skills & experiences.

Red Teaming 90%
Penetration Testing 90%
Python 95%
C# 70%
Vulnerbility Management 99%

My certifications

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Although I’m not currently looking for any new opportunities, my inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I’ll try my best to get back to you!

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